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The Trebilcock Case: Homeschooling Should Not Enable Abuse

** Warning: This post may have some triggers as it deals with child abuse.  They refer to him as “the boy.” I wish I knew his name. Names always give a person a little bit more substance, make them a little more real. Like a neighbor next door. Yet, he is, as of now, “the … Continue reading

Tim Challies Reviews “Created To Be His Help Meet”

In case you missed it, Tim Challies has written two excellent posts reviewing Debi Pearl’s “Created To Be His Help Meet.” Check them out here and here. I would love to hear your thoughts about his posts as well as any thoughts/stories you can share pertaining to this book. Okay, I’ll start! I was given … Continue reading

On a personal note…

I needed to step back and breathe. Have you ever felt like that? In case you hadn’t noticed, I took a break from blogging for a while. It was strange because for so long I was living and breathing this blog. I felt as though I’d been running a marathon and was suddenly wiping out. God … Continue reading

Free to Tell

‎”When a child is loved unconditionally, a child is free to tell….the truth.” Last night, I was reading a news article and this other news title caught my eye: ‘I didn’t want to get yelled at. Love, Brian.’ (Warning: May be a trigger if you are a sexual abuse survivor) That story broke my heart. … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esther Faces Michael Pearl on Anderson

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Esther traveled to New York City to speak out against child abuse on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson. Around that time, Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, was repeatedly bringing media attention to the abusive methods advocated by Michael Pearl in light of the tragic death of … Continue reading

How to talk to your child about sex abuse

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about sexual abuse? I have. I have three kids. That’s three uncomfortable conversations to start. I just watched a fabulous interview with Tim Kimmel, the author of Grace Based Parenting. I highly recommend it. Please take time to watch it. It’s only a few minutes … Continue reading

Ernie Willis Appeals to the N.H. Supreme Court

Back in June, I wrote about how Ernie Willis wanted a new trial, even before he was sentenced. You can read that post here. Sure enough, he’s appealing to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, according to the Concord Monitor. Here’s what the article says: Before jurors convicted Ernest Willis of forcibly raping his teenage babysitter … Continue reading

A New Way to Celebrate Halloween

When I was a kid, my parents let me dress-up for Halloween. I thought nothing of it, until I came to be a part of a ministry in fundamentalism that acted as if the holiday did not exist. So, here I am with three kids and re-thinking Halloween and wanting them to be able to … Continue reading

Etc. (07/08)

What a week. It kicked off with the Fourth of July, and if you currently attend a Fundamentalist church in the good ole U-S of A, I bet you sang patriotic songs and heard a message about your duty as an American and as a Christian, all rolled up, in the good, do-your-part Fundy way. … Continue reading

Etc. (07/01)

** Here are some articles that I came across this week that I thought I would share with you. Feel free to comment! How to Handle Sibling Fights – As a parent, I found this helpful. There’s No Time Like The Present to Teach Children About Sexual Abuse– Excellent article about how to broach the … Continue reading

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