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On the humanness of pastors

I do not consider the “job” or role of a pastor to be an easy one. Some pastors lead small churches and work outside the ministry in order to make ends meet. Others struggle to balance family time with what their ministry demands of them as pastors. Additionally, Scripture places higher expectations on pastors than … Continue reading

Facing fear in the dawning of a new year

I woke up this morning after having strange dreams. I don’t dream often, so they kinda stuck with me throughout the day. In my first dream, I was with my family on a vacation, I guess, looking into an aquarium. I could see everything in the water and watch the sea life as it swam … Continue reading

The crux of Christianity

Have you ever thought about what the crux of Christianity is? I have. I remember hearing once that brokenness was the crux of Christianity. According to a popular author and speaker in fundamentalism, brokenness is the shattering of my self-will so that the life, the Spirit, the fragrance, the life of Jesus may be released … Continue reading

How to talk to your child about sex abuse

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about sexual abuse? I have. I have three kids. That’s three uncomfortable conversations to start. I just watched a fabulous interview with Tim Kimmel, the author of Grace Based Parenting. I highly recommend it. Please take time to watch it. It’s only a few minutes … Continue reading

“The Grace List”

Last year for Christmas, one of the things I got from my husband was a book called Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. (I asked for it directly 🙂 ) I was so excited because even though I hadn’t read it, I knew it would help me in my parenting and end up changing … Continue reading

An Ending and a Beginning

My mind has been a little bit scattered lately. It’s been a little harder to concentrate on things. I wish my brain could go on auto-pilot until next Monday. You see, a year ago, on October 2nd, my grandma passed away. October 2nd will always be a Saturday for me. It was on that day … Continue reading

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