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Tim Challies Reviews “Created To Be His Help Meet”

In case you missed it, Tim Challies has written two excellent posts reviewing Debi Pearl’s “Created To Be His Help Meet.” Check them out here and here. I would love to hear your thoughts about his posts as well as any thoughts/stories you can share pertaining to this book. Okay, I’ll start! I was given … Continue reading

On the humanness of pastors

I do not consider the “job” or role of a pastor to be an easy one. Some pastors lead small churches and work outside the ministry in order to make ends meet. Others struggle to balance family time with what their ministry demands of them as pastors. Additionally, Scripture places higher expectations on pastors than … Continue reading

When Your Church Hinders You Spiritually

I’ve gone to church since I was two years old. Early on, my mom would send my brother and me to church, though eventually, we all went as a family. And, yes, there was one short period of time when we didn’t go to church regularly.  But looking back, I still consider myself as one … Continue reading

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