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Tim Challies Reviews “Created To Be His Help Meet”

In case you missed it, Tim Challies has written two excellent posts reviewing Debi Pearl’s “Created To Be His Help Meet.” Check them out here and here. I would love to hear your thoughts about his posts as well as any thoughts/stories you can share pertaining to this book. Okay, I’ll start! I was given … Continue reading

Video Clip of Elizabeth Esther’s Appearance on Anderson

Elizabeth Esther posted a video of her talking with Michael Pearl on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show on her Facebook blog page. Click here to see part of Elizabeth Esther’s interview on Anderson. I love how she explained what the issue really is. The issue is not spanking, per se. It’s the belief that parents … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esther Faces Michael Pearl on Anderson

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Esther traveled to New York City to speak out against child abuse on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson. Around that time, Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, was repeatedly bringing media attention to the abusive methods advocated by Michael Pearl in light of the tragic death of … Continue reading

Elizabeth Esther: Are the Pearl’s to blame for child spanking deaths?

Have you wondered whether or not the Pearl’s should be blamed for the deaths of Sean, Lydia, and Hana? Then take a few moments to read Elizabeth Esther’s blog post Are the Pearl’s to blame for child spanking deaths?#NoMoreDeadKids #StopNoGreaterJoy. She covers the issue extremely well and gives a clear call to action. This is … Continue reading

“Passive-Aggressive”… Really?

ABCNews has posted a short video called Washington Couple Charged in Daughter’s Death in which you can hear Carri Williams, Hana Williams’ adopted mother, tell a 911 operator that her daughter “killed herself.” She begins the phone call by saying that Hana was “rebellious” and the clip ended with Carri saying that Hana was “passive-aggressive.” … Continue reading

What is the “Science on Spanking”?

In his latest interview with Anderson Cooper, Michael Pearl cited “research” that proves that spanking benefits children in some ways. The “research” he was referring to was actually an article that was in Newsweek magazine, written by a man named Po Bronson. In a more recent interview, Anderson talks with Dr. Drew and Po Bronson. … Continue reading

Judge Adams illustrates beating his daughter without remorse

Discipline has become quite the hot topic lately. The tragic story of Hana Williams shocked many people with the horrific details that emerged from the affidavit and various media coverage. It was easy for some people to point out that some things about that recent case were extreme, like the way the parents withheld food … Continue reading

Michael Pearl’s 10/26 Interview on Anderson Cooper 360

In case you missed it, click here to see Michael Pearl’s latest interview on Anderson Cooper 360, which aired October 26, 2011. What are your thoughts after seeing this interview?

Huffington Post releases article on religious discipline

On October 26, 2011, Huffington Post released an article concerning discipline and religion in light of the frequent media coverage on the same topics, especially since the recent death of Hana Williams. I have posted the text of the article below. Click here to see the original article and the videos that accompany it. *********************************************************** … Continue reading

Michael Pearl defends book by using pragmatism

It never ceases to amaze me how arrogantly Michael Pearl talks when he is being questioned about his child abuse discipline methods. He was interviewed on CNN’s Dr. Drew, which aired on October 25, 2011. (Click here to see a portion of that video called Preaching discipline that can kill?). He was also interviewed about … Continue reading

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