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The Trebilcock Trial Verdict

The judge presiding over the trial of Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock has delivered a verdict of guilty on two charges of criminal mistreatment. One was a count of first-degree criminal mistreatment, a felony, for their 14 year-old adopted boy. The other was a count of third-degree criminal mistreatment for treatment of one of their adopted girls. They were found not guilty of the 11 other charges they faced.

Sentencing will take place in August.

More information about evidence presented the trial has been reported. KATU reported that “during the trial, James Smith, a deputy prosecutor, showed a picture of the boy and his biological sister at the age they were when adopted — both healthy and even a little plump.

Then Smith showed a picture of the boy in his hospital bed. He was extremely thin after years of living with the Trebilcocks.”

What I find particularly sad, but understandable, is that “one of the girls testified she didn’t know the way the Trebilcocks treated her was wrong until she experienced another way of life in foster care.”

According to KOIN, Derrick Whittington, the brother of the Trebilcock’s two oldest adopted children, is petitioning to become legal guardian.

“I feel very relieved now that all those kids, not just my brother and sister, will be able to be safe,” Whittington said, “and grow healthy, and have normal and healthy lives.”



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