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Bob Jones University, Fundamentalism, Sex Abuse

What was your reason for protesting?

When I was in my early teens, my mom and I participated in a pro-life march and we held signs and stood along a main road in our town for an afternoon. At the time, I didn’t really understand what it was all about. I vaguely understood it had to do with abortion; I didn’t know at the time that my mom had been pressured to abort my older brother because my parents were not yet married. I am thankful that she didn’t.

I am now a mother of three beautiful children. I carried them in my womb. I hated having blood taken for prenatal tests, but it was worth it. I cherished every chance to hear heartbeats. I loved feeling every kick and movement. I went through the agonizing pain and overwhelming joy of giving birth to each one of them.

Now, I understand the abortion issue better than I did then. I am very proud that my mom was willing to stand with all of those other people for a cause that she felt was important, a cause that had touched her own life.

I have no idea if that protest against abortion garnered any media attention, and I have no idea the impact it had on the community, if any.

But I do know the impact it had on me. At that age, I saw that together we can make a difference. Many voices are louder than one.

More importantly, I learned more about the heart of God, how much He values life.

I believe the value He places on life goes beyond just life in the womb. He cares about each one of us each and every day. He knows where you are today and He cares.

This past week, the students and alumni at Bob Jones University made a choice to silently protest sexual abuse in Fundamentalism, and in doing so, received some media attention from CNN. I think a valiant effort was made to bring attention to Chuck Phelps as well as the issue of sexual abuse as well.

Jesus had a zealot for a disciple. He didn’t shy away from him because of his personality or because of his cause. But eventually, Simon was won by the gospel and drew people’s attention to Christ.

And that is what we should ultimately be doing.

It is not wrong to being attention to an issue such as abortion or sexual abuse; doing so can save lives and prevent abuse. But are we as Christians showing the heart of God in our response to issues?

In raising the issues, let us hate what God hates and show people the God who loves them and accepts them completely and can heal their pain.

This Christmas season, let us lead them to our Savior.



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