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Bob Jones University, Fundamentalism

What now?

Some waited with baited breath for December 12, 2011 to come around.

This was, after all, an important day, a day when a protest would be made, though somewhat silently.

I understand the importance of the protest. I have been following the story of Tina Anderson since it hit the media at the end of May in 2010. I understand her story and I’m glad that after so many years, she finally got justice. I, too, understand how influential some people can be especially within fundamentalism, and that there as some especially who should not be in any type of leadership position, much less an influential one. And I completely back the protest.

However, even before the silent protest, Chuck Phelps resigned from the Board at Bob Jones University. Would this take the wind out of their sails, so to speak, I wondered. Are they still going to protest? Yes, they did, and for more than just the reason of seeking to remove Chuck Phelps from the Board. They protested on behalf of all abuse victims, to give them a voice in front of the administration there, and for that I am thankful.

So, what now?

Do we expect change to come as a result of the protest?  Do we wait for something else to protest? What do we do now?

I suggest that we take some time to sit back and think about what God would have us learn from all of this. Some have learned that they have a family in other like-minded believers who have gone through similar deep waters. Others have learned that they have a voice and that there are others out there like them who want to speak for those who have not yet found their voice.

For all of us, may we remember that God is still on His throne and He is working on something we can’t even begin to understand. Perhaps it will greatly impact fundamentalism as we know it. Or perhaps it’s simply to remind us all that we need to not put our trust in man, but in the God who made man.

So many are championing Tina’s cause, some for personal reasons, others not. May we take her lead and continue on in our own lives with a quiet strength and determination to follow God’s directing and let Him take care of the rest.



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