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Elizabeth Esther Faces Michael Pearl on Anderson

A few weeks ago, Elizabeth Esther traveled to New York City to speak out against child abuse on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, Anderson. Around that time, Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, was repeatedly bringing media attention to the abusive methods advocated by Michael Pearl in light of the tragic death of Hana Williams.

Michael Pearl had been interviewed a number of times by CNN.

Michael Pearl defends book by using pragmatism

What is the science on spanking?

Each time, his followers criticized the interviewer(s), how Michael Pearl was “interrupted,” and anything else they could find to criticize.

It is no different after this interview.

However, this time, Michael Pearl had to face Elizabeth Esther. Despite her experience with abusive fundamentalism, Elizabeth Esther was brave enough to face the man whose discipline methods she has boldly rejected. When people were struggling to link the Pearl’s teachings with the deaths of three children, Elizabeth Esther was answering the question, “Are the Pearl’s to blame for child spanking deaths?” on her blog. She is well aware of the issues with his child training books, including To Train Up a Child, and is deeply passionate about speaking out on behalf of children.

To watch a preview of the show, click here.

Elizabeth Esther’s interview on Anderson airs today. Check your local listings to see when it’s on. I strongly encourage you to watch Anderson today and tell your friends to watch too!




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