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Etc. (07/08)

What a week.

It kicked off with the Fourth of July, and if you currently attend a Fundamentalist church in the good ole U-S of A, I bet you sang patriotic songs and heard a message about your duty as an American and as a Christian, all rolled up, in the good, do-your-part Fundy way.

Now, I’m not opposed to patriotism or acknowledging the independence of America. I think it’s a great thing to remember and celebrate. Americans have freedoms that many people don’t and should be thankful.

But I do kinda get fed up with the constant “we’re a Christian nation” stuff. Like Christians are what’s holding our nation together. Like America is blessed because we’re here. And if the number of Christians decreases and those pagans have their way, it’s all over.


How about God? What part does He play in this all? Is it really all about us? And what about this whole “Christian nation” thing?

Freedom and Deliverance – I came across this article and it expressed my thoughts about the Fourth of July perfectly.

Dirty Words of Counseling – Very well-written article on the subject of counseling. If you have ever heard of nouthetic counseling, read this article. This is the right way to counsel.

The Authority of Preaching for Readers and Non-Readers – If your pastor’s sermon points aren’t obviously from Scripture and that bothers you, you have to read this.

Feel free to comment on the articles. If you’ve recently stumbled onto my blog, comment on your favorite post!

Have a great weekend!



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