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Child Abuse, Lori Wick

“Striking” Similarities Part 1

I wonder how the Caminiti children were treated as they were growing up…

I say that because it seems that the propensity to commit child abuse runs in the Caminiti family. A closer look at the police documents reveal that Phil Caminiti’s oldest child is Maria, who is married to Timothy Stephenson. They have two sons. Phil Caminiti’s second oldest is Matthew B. Caminiti, an elder in their church, married to Alina Caminiti. Matt and Alina also have two young children. Those couples are two of the three charged with child abuse.

The other couple is Timothy and Andrea Wick, the son and daughter-in-law of Bob and Lori Wick. Yes, that Lori Wick, the Christian fiction author. According to the police documents, Aleithia Bible Church “does not have an independent place of worship but holds church and church meetings at the homes of Phil and Denise Caminiti in Black Earth, and Bob and Lori Wick in Mazomanie…The Wick family provided the original funding, placing between $500,00 and $600,00 into an account for the ABC. “ In addition, Bob and Lori Wick pay the yearly salaries of Philip Caminiti, Matthew Caminiti, and another man, which totals approximately $114,000. (Philip B. Caminiti’s interview pg. 4)

Reading through the interviews again also reminded me of Mike and Debi Pearl’s To Train Up a Child.

More to come on those similarities…

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