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The Trebilcock Trial Verdict

The judge presiding over the trial of Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock has delivered a verdict of guilty on two charges of criminal mistreatment. One was a count of first-degree criminal mistreatment, a felony, for their 14 year-old adopted boy. The other was a count of third-degree criminal mistreatment for treatment of one of their adopted … Continue reading


  • Elizabeth Esther posted a video of her talking with Michael Pearl on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show on her Facebook blog page. Click here to see part of Elizabeth Esther's interview on Anderson. I love how she explained what the issue really is. The issue is not spanking, per se. It's the belief that parents have this duty given by God to break their child's will. That belief is what leads many well-meaning parents to treat their children in ways they would never otherwise treat them (ex: holding a child down while administering multiple spankings with an instrument that has the potential to leave marks, bruises, etc.). Elizabeth Esther, you rock! If you could talk to Michael Pearl today, what would you say?
  • Anderson Cooper 360 has put together another great segment as part of their Ungodly Discipline series. The latest installment investigates spanking in Christian schools, specifically Calvary Baptist School in Watertown, WI. Marvin Munyon, a lobbyist responsible for keeping the right to spank students in Christian schools and a former principal at Calvary Baptist School, is accused of beating students with a paddle. He refused to comment on the record. Three former students, Amy Kroenke, Scott Bicknell, and Doug Bicknell all speak out about their experiences. Doug Bicknell was spanked 53 times with a paddle with holes drilled into it and was left bleeding. His mother, Nancy Bicknell, worked at the school at the time and stated that she was indoctrinated, and felt that if she did not let her children get hit, they would not be "right with God" and she would not be "right with God" and would have to leave the Baptist church. She feels terrible about what happened to him. Even now, what happened years ago to Doug Bicknell still haunts him. Watch the latest segment here.
  • Have you wondered whether or not the Pearl's should be blamed for the deaths of Sean, Lydia, and Hana? Then take a few moments to read Elizabeth Esther's blog post Are the Pearl's to blame for child spanking deaths?#NoMoreDeadKids #StopNoGreaterJoy. She covers the issue extremely well and gives a clear call to action. This is a MUST READ! Question: What is your reaction to her post?
  • In case you missed it, click here to see Michael Pearl's latest interview on Anderson Cooper 360, which aired October 26, 2011. What are your thoughts after seeing this interview?
  • Missionary Kids Safety Net is putting together a conference "intended for former MKs (Missionary Kids) and their families and friends. All keynote speakers and breakout sessions will address abuse and trauma experienced by former MKs with a view to breaking the silence of abuse and offering resources to move toward healing." The conference, called "The Unexpected Journey: I will Not Be Silent Anymore," will be held April 20-22, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois. Click here for more details.


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